Wednesday, February 27


For Batter
Idli rice- 4 cups
Urad dal(whole)-1 cup
fenugreek seeds- 1 tsp
salt to taste
For Uthappam
Red onions- 2 chopped finely
tomatoes- 1 chopped finely
green chillie-1 chopped finely
ginger- a small piece chopped finely
coriander leaves - a few chopped finely


Wash and soak the rice and and dal+fenugreek seperately for 4 hrs. Grind the dal first into a smooth paste by adding water little by little. Then grind the rice seperately into a fine paste. Mix the dal and the rice paste together , add salt and keep aside for 8 hrs or more, till the batter is fermented well. This is the basic dosa batter.
U can make uthappam with this basic dosa batter. But uthappams will taste best when the batter becomes a bit sour , that is after 2 or 3 days. So usually i make uthappams with the left over dosa batter.
Heat tava and spread little oil on it. Pour a ladleful of batter and spread the batter into a thick pancake with the ladle. Add little of the chopped veggies and drizzle a tsp of oil on the sides. When it is cooked on one side, carefully turn over and cook for a couple of minutes.
Serve hot with idli podi or any chutney.


FH said...

Uttappa and coconut chutney is my fave combo, yummy! Looks delicious Prema!:)

vimmi said...

Hi Prema,
Love dosas, idlis and uthapams. Looks yummy.

Cham said...
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Cham said...

Hi Prema,
Your uttapam came out very colorful :) It looks delectable ...

Kalai said...

Love, love, love uthappam! Speaking of which, I have some idli maavu in the fridge. Thanks for the great idea, Prema! :)

Latha said...

Looks tasty and colorful PRema!

Trupti said...

Hi Prema,
I love uttappam very much..ur's came out very well.

Dhivya said...

came out very well prema..yummy

A Cook @ Heart said...

Hot uthappam, coconu chutney!! WOW!! Lovely combo!!!

EC said...

looks yummy...can have it anytime

sra said...

Hi Prema, where have you been? Nice to see you blogging.

amna said...

i recently made onion utthappam for JFI (last month actually). love thee to the paper roast variety :)

Seema said...

I love veg uthappas & Onion uthappams. My Dad makes the best uthappams i feel as its nice & crispy on one side & soft on other.. nice golden colour.. dont ask how much oil he puts.. says once a while ok to put more oil :-) Uthappams, coconut chutney & Sambhar - a yummy BF!

remya said...

uttapam n chutney are superb...ur uttapam looks perfect...

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Hi prema

parcel this uthappam :) lovely my fav bfast mmmm .....

Rajesh &Shankari said...

looks out of this world. Uthappam and milagai podi..mariage made in heaven

DEEPA said...

I love uthappam ...Your looks perfect

Uma said...

wow, uthappam looks lovely. Yum!

Laavanya said...

Uthappam looks great Prema.

Sagari said...

I too made utthapam yesterday ,your looks yummyyy and colorful prema

jayasree said...

colorful and perfect looking uthappam Prema. Lovely.

Menu Today said...

Hi Prema,

I love this dish with plain coconut chutney.

Some times I sprinkle idli podi on uthappam. Looks nice, Thanks for sharing.

Bharathy said...

My daughter's favourite!..
Looks very colourful and appetising,Prema!
(Spoon the batter to "Kuzhi paniyara Satti"and you are done with your favourite ;))

Vcuisine said...

Prema, uttapam and chutney who can resist this? they are in perfect shape. Viji

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

yummm!!!! I love this. been long since i made them. thanx for reminding!!

Suganya said...

For the red color, I add carrot instead of tomato. Sometimes, tomatoes make uthappam soggy. Yrs look perfect. Great to see you blogging, Prema.

Unknown said...

hai prem visited ur blog yo man u r awsome .iam happy for u cos u r really doing great stuff.expecting more from u-kavi

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