Monday, May 4

Bombay Sweet Toast

Sorry for not posting for a long time... Will try to post atleast a few recipes in a month.

This is a very simple , yet tasty recipe...loved to share with you all.


Round Rusks- 10
milk- 2 cup
sugar-3 tbsp or to taste
ghee- 1/4 cup or to taste


Boil the milk in a wide vessel. Add sugar to it and mix well.
Dip the rusks one by one for a couple of seconds and keep seperately in a plate.
Heat the tava and arrange 3 to 4 rusks in it. Melt ghee and add it liberally to the sides and the centre. Flip it over add little ghee and cook till golden brown on both sides.
Serve hot for an evening snack. Kids will love it!!!