Wednesday, March 7

Masala Oat Pancakes

When I went to India last time, I got this book named'Oats Breakfast Cookbook' by Nita mehta. The book had very good healthy recipes of oats. I tried this masala oat pancakes and it turned out great. Iam giving u the recipes as it is in the book.

Oats- 1 cup ground to a powder in a mixer
Onion- 1 chopped finely
Tomato - 1 chopped finely
green chilli- 1 deseeded and chopped finely
Kasoori methi- 1 tsp
coriander leaves- 1 tbsp chopped
red chiili powder- 1/2 tsp
turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
garam masala- 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
water- 1 1/2 cups approx


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and beat well adding enough water to make a batter of pouring consistency.
Heat a tawa or a non stick pan and add 1/2 tsp of oil in the center. spread the batter to make a thin pancake.add oil to the sides of the pancake. when the top is cooked turn over and cook.
Serve hot with tomato or mint chutney


Sig said...

Prema, That looks and sounds delicious, and healthy too... I'm not big into oats, but with the right ingredients looks like it can be used to make some tasty stuff.

Sia said...

wow prema.. indian twist to oats:) very innovative dish u have got here.

KA said...

Oat pancakes now that's something that I have never heard of. They look delicious Prema!

Richa said...

Prema, that's really so innovative. I guess health foods always taste good when camouflaged, what say?
Excellent way to include oats in your diet.

TNL said...

what a fresh new recipe! I like this one....thanks!

Linda said...

Hi Prema,

There are very few foods I can honestly say I do not like and oatmeal is one -- now you have ground it up and *that* sounds appealing! How creative! Pancakes look great... I will give the innocent oatmeal another look now :)

Menu Today said...

Hi prema,
Oat pancake looks nice, Just I read Nita Mehtas Veg Punjabi dishes in library. One more dish to try.. Thanks for sharing. said...

Sounds great Premaji. Cholesterol runs high in my hubby's family and oats are so good for that. My hubby hates the standard oats, so maybe I can sneak it to him this way....great idea!

Unknown said...

That's healthy easy breakfast item.Thanks for sharing.

indosungod said...

Prema that is an great dish. I eat oatmeal every other day(can't say I love it but eat because it is filling and healthy), this sounds really tasty.

FH said...

That looks good,I thought it was roti at first.Oats so easily available here Prema.Thanks for the recipe:))

USHA said...

Hi Prema,

Really new and very healthy breakfast....Thanks for sharing.

Bong Mom said...

Thanks for such a healthy recipe. Am going to offer this as a breakfast dish to my daughter, hope she will like it.
We wil like it for sure. Thanks really for such innovations

Latha said...

Hey Prema,

Looks cool! and so healthy! Will give it a shot soon and let u know.
And glad u liked the peerkangaa curry :-)

Mishmash ! said...

Thats a unique and at the same time very healthy recipe...I liked the indian touch more :)


J said...

Interesting way of having oats Prema!! Liked it:)

Syam said...

ivalo healthy ah saapita udambuku aagaathey :-)

sra said...

I've not heard of this ever, v unusual

swapna susarla said...

what a healthy recipe prema.looks delicious.

USHA said...

Hi Prema,

This is regarding the query on tunes that rocks in swapna blog..Wonderful illayaraja's music songs illa..

They are from devar magan,malla thirathathu kathavu(mohan radhamovie),retthai val kuruvi(mohan, radhika movie)

Chefs Menu said...

Thanks,got 2 learn something new 2day,
Do visit my blog too for some interesting recipes,and dont forget to share your views,Happy Cooking....!!!


Viji said...

Another recipe for oats. Sounds interesting, Viji

Vani said...

How healthy, Prema! Very nice recipe. Am saving this one for later use! :)

I loved your kofta curry too. I have been checking your blog, though I ahven't been able to comment.
Hope you are doing well, Prema. Take care now!

Anonymous said...

Never tried this before...sound interesting...very creative...thanks for sharing

Prema Sundar said...

Welcome to my blog Sig.Iam not big into oats too, but liked this one. Hope u like it too.

Thanks was not my idea ..i did the recipe innvated by Nita mehta.

Thanks KA and Richa.. Sure is an excellent way to include oats.
Yes Trupti, it is a new recipe to me too.
I too don't like oats Linda,but this recipe of Nita Mehta is sure worth a try.
I think I should try for the punjabi book MT.
Thanks Kanchana and Maheshwari .. hope u guys like it.
Indo. are u eating oatmeal every other day??? OMG I can never do it. U are really very health conscious.
Yes Asha oats is readily available everywhere now.
Thanks Usha.
sandeepa, I hope ur daughter loves it.
Latha, try it out and let me know if u guys liked it.
Mishmash, Its because of the indian touch I liked oats.. otherwise its diff for me .
Thanks Sra, Syam, Jyothsna and Swapna for ur valuable comments.
Welcome to my blog hobby cooking.Hope u liked it.
Thanks Viji and U are always welcome Vani.
Try it out dilip and hope u like it.

Unknown said...

Hello Prema,

I have been a ghost visitor to your blog for sometime. I love the recipes you post. When I saw your masala oats pancake, I thought very unusual and healthy. I tried it immediately and it was a big hit in my family. Now 'healthy oats' is also tasty. I look forward to more oats recipes and others too!!

Lakshmik said...

Seems like a very healthy recipe Prema. Thanks.

bee said...

this is definitely a keeper. thanks, prema.

Jen Kumar said...

i was search for oats indian recipes. you mention there were others in this same book.. i found the oats toast.. are there others on your blog? i am curious about it. thanks jen

Jen Kumar said...

forgot to leave my contact
jenkumar at gmail dot com

Always_exprimental said...

I tried this and it turned out excellent. It was a huge hit with hubby and daughter too...This is going to be a 'regular' dish in our home.