Sunday, October 15


Hi all, Iam leaving to India tonight. I will try my best to post atleast one recipe a week. So do keep visiting me and I will be visiting you all too.
Before I leave, I thought I will finish a couple of memes that I had been tagged for … Rashmi of ‘ Websamayal’ had tagged me for ‘ Good/Bad experiences with food’ and jayashree of ‘Luvgoodfood’ had tagged me for a butterfly effect meme.

Butterfly effect Meme

This is a foodie meme which asks you to talk about stuff that has had a profound influence on your foodie life(in the words of who started this meme). Well, not just any kind of stuff...but specifically an ingredient, a dish/recipe, a meal, a cookbook/other written work, a food personality, and another person in your life.Before I get down to the meme, here's some info:A meme is an Internet phenomenon (sometimes called an Internet meme)which occurs when something relatively unknown becomes hugely popular, often quite suddenly, through the mass propagation of media content made feasible by the Internet.(source: wikipedia)
I just copied down the above intro from Jayashree…

An Ingredient- It is always chicken . I love chicken cooked in any form. Chicken curries, drumsticks,kfc’s chickenpieces, chicken burger or anything with chicken but ofcouse my favourite is my mom’s chicken curry.
A Recipe- Biryani. Veg or non veg I would like to have it any time. There a different ways people make biryanis and however it is made, I like it.
A meal- Usually Iam not a person who orders a meal with rice , sambar and veggies, when we go to a restaurant. This is what we have in our house regularly. So when I go to a restaurant I go for something which we don’t cook in our house more often. But whenever I come across this word ‘ meal’ I remember the days in Singapore. I was pregnant that time and was craving for food and hungry most of the time.I was not so very good in cooking at that time too. So whenever I go to the “komala’s”restaurant , I used to order only meals. It is a regular vegetarian meal which consists of rice, sambar, dal, 2 vegetables, curd , raitha and papad. Believe me I would finish it in minutes and would feel really full and contented ..
A cookbook- My mom used to have a book called ‘ palsuvai malar’ by the ladies club of Tuticorin. I started to cook a few recipes seeing this book as this was the only cookbook my mother had. I have this book now also and it has wonderful recipes. Later on I had bought some books of ‘Mallika Badrinath’ too.
A food personality- My Favourite is Sanjeev Kapoor. I used to watch his cookery shows regularly in TV before marriage. I learnt the basics of north Indian cooking from his khana Khazana.
Another person- Everyone would learn to cook from their mothers. For me too it is my mom .. and then my Mother in law .. she too has influenced me with her cooking.
I will post a few of their recipes when Iam in India.
I wish to Tag Indira of Mahanandi for the butterfly effect meme.

Good/Bad experiences with food.

This experience happened to me sometime before. All my husand’s collegues planned for a party in a restaurant. They had planned it suddenly and had selected some Italian restaurant too. It was fifteen of us and we went there around 7 pm. As the women were busy with their kids , Men ordered and it took almost 1 hour to come. The presentation and the look of the foods were very attractive, but once we tasted it everybody’s face changed as it was very very bland. There was one fish dish which looked so attractive but they had just cooked it only with salt.. I had tasted Italian foods before.. they will be a bit bland but surely not like this. I don’t know , may be the dishes we had selected might have been more bland. And then finally the bill came and everybody was shocked .. because nobody expected a very high bill as they did not see the price before ordering. We paid so much for the food we did not enjoy and most of all wasted a lot of food. This is definitely the cause of improper planning and ordering.
Learnt a lesson from this and so now whenever I go to a restaurant , I really do plan a bit.
I wish to tag Vani of ‘Mysoorean’ for this meme.


Anonymous said...

Prema have a nice trip to India & enjoy your Diwali. Such a great time to go 'Home'!!. Bon Voyage & Happy Diwali to you.

sra said...

hi prema, have a nice trip and a nice holiday. nice meme

UJ said...

Have a nice trip to India. Happy Deepavali too!


Anonymous said...

Hello Prema, Have a fun trip to India... correcta you planned for Diwali I guess...enjoy with your family:) Happy Diwali to you and your family

Anonymous said...

Hi Prema, thanks for tagging me but I did similar type of meme last year, so I may not able to do it again.

My best wishes for a pleasant and safe journey to India.

FH said...

NIce MeMe, Prema!! Have fun in INdia and come back refreshed and I will be here!! Have a good Diwali!!:))

Anonymous said...

Happy Diwali Prema!!! Have a great time during your trip to India!!
Nice memes :)

Kavitha said...

Hi Prema
Have a great trip!!! Enjoy the weather and the food. and the sweets... and the fire crackers.
Happy Diwali!!!

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Prema..nice to know experience about food and your choices.Have anice trip..and do post a recipe per from mother and mom-in-laws are always a treasure.Thank you prema..wish u a happy journey!!

Vani said...

Enjoyed reading your meme, Prema. Will take up your tag soon.
Have a great time in India and a Very Happy Deepavali to you!

FH said...

Happy Diwali!! Have fun!!:)

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a fun Diwali! Take a lot of food pictures, seriya?