Sunday, September 24

Tomato Rasam

This is a very simple , and easy to make rasam.Sometimes when I feel lazy I prepare this Rasam. I read this recipe somewhere in the internet, a couple of months before, and tried it . We loved it so much that it has become one of our regular menu now.
Try this out and you will love this too …


Tomatoes-( red ripe ) 4 medium sized
Coriander leaves- 3 tsp finely chopped
Sambar powder- ¾ tsp or acc to ur taste.( I use sakthi masala)
Tamarind juice- 3 tsp
Pepper powder- ¼ tsp
Jeera powder- ¼ tsp
Garlic- 4 cloves mashed.
Turmeric powder- a pinch
Salt to taste

For seasoning

Mustard seeds- few
Jeera- ¼ tsp
Red chilli- 1
Asafoetida- a pinch
Curry leaves- a few
Oil – 2tsp


In a pan add the tomatoes and fry for sometime till they turn mushy add the coriander leaves , sambar powder, salt, pepper, jeera ,turmeric powders and garlic.Fry for a minute and add a cup of water( I make this medium thick and if you want thin, you can add a 1/2 cup more water too, according to your taste.) to this and let it boil. Now add the tamarind juice to it. Heat oil in another pan and add the seasonings one by one. Add this to the rasam. Serve hot with rice.

There are lots of varieties rasam. Shaheen of Malabar spices had asked me to link the different varieties of rasam.. Check out these interesting rasams..

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indosungod said...

Rasam looks really tasty, it is going to cook in my kitchen real soon.

FH said...

Thanks sweet heart!! for letting me know abt the 'comments' problem! I thought everybody is napping!:D:D I did fix it!!

We just had lunch, now your rasam soo tempting I am going to make some have it for dinner!! Thanks again, Prema!!

sudha said...

Tomato Rasam is our favourite. I prepare atleast twice a week. Thanks for sharing.

Krithika said...


Anonymous said...

Sure a quick rasam without cooking dal. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Nice recipe Prema. A few curry leaves ground with the rest of the ingredients may be good too.

Anonymous said...

Thats a quick and easy rasam...prema.will surly try soon thanks for sharing..

Deepa Culinary World said...

Hi Prema,

Rasam looks very tasty.thanks for sharing.

Unknown said... our home the must for lunch is rasam ..sounds different..will try tomorrow..thnx for sharing

Anupama said...

Prema, have tagged you for a meme

Prema Sundar said...

Hi All,
Thanks for visiting and leaving ur lovely comments..

Anonymous said...

rasam is so yummy. it would be nice if u would link all the varieties of rasam together.most of the time i go hunting trying to remember who did that rasam...just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a whole lot Prema, for giving all those links. Now I just have to link ur post to my tried and tested recipes and I have a continuos supply of rasam recipes. Thanks again.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Prema
This is first time commenting here. Tried your Tomato Rasam it is really tastes good. Thank u.

MAJ K said...

Here is another blog post about Rasam:

shilpa said...

I was looking for a simple rasam recipe and found your post on Google. I tried it and the result was excellent. Quick, easy and delicious. Thanks!

Unknown said...

thanks for the easy n tasty rasam . i ve block nose n throat helped me a lot

Unknown said...

Hi Prema,

I'm going to try out your recipe at home. Cos my parents are away for a coupla days, I'll be preparing it only for myself.

Hope the menu serves four people!

It would be a lot better if you can specify the number of people this dish can serve, so that the viewers may plan accordingly.


Sureshkannan said...


It was good recipe and simple. Came out really good taste.

Thanks for sharing.

Suresh Kannan.

HaRy!! said...

so many thanks for this


Unknown said...

Hey Prema,

Your rasam recipe turned out to be excellent.Thanx fo sharing this easy to make recipe.

Sundar's blog said...

Tasty, healthy and practical recipes. Thanks. Can you provide recipes for diabetics and heart patients, it would be great.
This is my blog on Tasty Tamil Recipes

Priyanka said...

You are a saviour. Rasam without dal!! Thanks a Ton.

notyet100 said...

thanks fro thi si tried this and liked it i am publishin it today in my blog,..

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but this is not the way you are supposed to make it....You boil tomatoes first and extract the juice from boiled tomatoes and then you make this rasam...Not like what you said here.....

Unknown said...

This recipe never fails. Everyone likes it. Simple and effective:)

Ganesh Marees said...

i tried this today!!! its awesome!!

thanks.. :)

Unknown said...

While reading it, i get the feeling of eaten it.Thanks.

fivedogsandagirl said...

just one question: how to make tamarind juice?

Unknown said...

i am going to try this recipe today. Iam sure it tastes great Thank u sweet heart

asma said...

we made it and it came out to be very tasty ... thanks.. i just married a south indian.. and this one helped me take the first step..

kirthi said...

Its really tasty and yummy !! Tomato rasam in a different method.. Me and my husband liked it so much :).. Thanks for sharing

momsnetwork said...

I made this rasam yesterday - delicious and so so easy. I will try it with potato fry the next time.
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Nana said...

Hi, may i know what is that Jeera?

Unknown said...

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