Sunday, September 10

Meme...About Me and Me and Me only

I was Tagged By Sudha of My samayal..Thanks Sudha.

I am thinking about : My trip to India next month

I said : "Not so close to tv"...I say this more often to my little daughter

I want to : Do things my own way , caring less of what others think of me

I wish : I could Go back to the college days. It was so much fun, carefree days without any worries or big responsibilities.

I regret : I regret shouting at my daughter when I am angry.

I hear : 'Pinky dinky doo', a programme in 'Noggin' , my daughters favourite tv channel.

I am : I do believe Iam a good wife and mother.

I dance : Not very good

I sing : Sometimes in bath and sometimes when I drive

I cry : I cry when Iam alone..on my pillows.

I am not : A person who goes early to bed or gets up early in the morning..(got to change this..)

I am with my hands: I have painted and did some hand works before but out of touch
now. At present only browsing, cooking , cleaning up etc...

I write : My things to do list, shopping list and my blog

I confuse : I get confused sometimes when taking a tough decision

I need : I need people around me... I dont like to be alone

I tag: I tag Revathi of En Ulagam , Asha of Foodie's Hope and Lera of Myriad Tastes


Revathi said...

Hey Prema thanks for tagging me !!!

FH said...

One more tagging thing to do on Sunday!! Ahh....!Just kidding :D
Thank you Prema , I'll see what I can come up with ...

Anonymous said...

What a nice "thought" you are having !!! Now we know you better,it was interesting to read.

FH said...

Prema, I put up 2 photos of mine so you all can put a face to my name now! I will take them out after some time!!
I read your Me Me too!! :)

Anonymous said...

Prema,Nice to read your Meme, Thanks for tagging Me, I shall work on the Meme soon..