Monday, September 4

Kadalai Kuzhambu

Chickpeas are good source of protein. So I make it a point to include it in our diet more often. I learnt this from one of my friends and this has become our favourite kuzhambu now.U can try this with any other payaru instead of chick peas.


Channa(chick peas)- ¾ cup
Onions- 2 (if large or 3 if medium) chopped finely
Tomatoes- 1 ½ chopped finely
Green chilli-1 slit into two
Oil- 4 tsp
Tamarind- small lime size
Mustard seeds- ¼ tsp
Curry leaves- a few
Fenugreek- ¼ tsp
Salt to

To grind

Coconut- 4 tsp
Pearl onions- 5
Jeera- ½ tsp
Pepper- ¼ tsp
Tomato – ½
Chilli powder- ½ tsp
Coriander seeds- 1 tsp
Sambar powder- ½ tsp

Grind all this to a very fine paste.

Indredients ground to a fine paste

Soak the channa overnight. Pressure cook that and keep it aside. soak the tamarind in water and squeeze the juice out of it. Keep aside.
Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds. When it splutters add curry leaves,fenugreek seeds, onions and green chilli. Saute for some time till the onions become transparent and then add the cut tomatoes. Saute for some time till the tomatoes become mushy and then add the ground paste.
Add the channa , tamarind water and salt to taste. Add 1 cup of water to it. Cover it partly with a lid and keep in a medium flame. Remove from fire when oil floats on top.
Serve hot with rice .

Note: If u are in a hurry u can straight away do it in the pressure cooker itself. In that case u dont need to pressure cook the channa seperately.


jayshree said...

Prema,Kadalai Kuzhambu sure is a healthy one. I make chikpea Kootu, but somewhat different. Will try your version sometime..

Shilpa said...

Wow..looks so great. Gonnu try soon. Until then Can I have a spoon from that bowl?? too good to resist :).

FH said...

Looks great! I am ready and able to start on your recipe, right now !! Thank you :)

Menu Today said...

Hi Prema,
I will try your version soon. Thanks for sharing.

KA said...

Kuzhambu looks delicious Prema. I never tried this dish before.

Krithika said...

Kadalai kuzhambu looks delicious !

UJ said...

Looks delicious. I do something similar sometimes with tamarind, sometimes without, but serve it with chapathis/rotis.

indianadoc said...

So eating healthy Prema? I think I too need to slow down and cut down my oil... and start eating something healthier!!But some are spoilt kids,'thirutha mudiyathu,yenna oru periya weakness!!! :)

Prema Sundar said...

Havent heard of chickpea kootu. post the recipe soon.
come home shilpa.. I will give u the whole bowl.
Foodie's hope,
Did u try it .. how did it turn out .. did u guys like it? let me know..
Menutoday, Krishnaarjuna,Krithika,
thanks for dropping by guys and leaving ur comments..
thanks for visiting.. my mom too makes channa without tamarind similar to this for chappathis..
appapo konjam healthy aa samayal panuraen!!!!!

vasana said...

Prema,a wonderful dish indeed.I tried ur recipe and it turned out husband had it twice with rice,skipping rasam for its sake.Many thanks to u.

Unknown said...

I tried your recipe and turned out great. My family loved it! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

karthi said...

Hi Prema,

Just started to learn cooking the kadalai kuzhambu looks really good :-).Want ot try it out, but frozen coconut whn grinded doesnt taste so good ...n rarely v get cocnuts here.Is there any adjustments tht can b made to this???

cinara said...

hi, i came across ur blog while searching 4 bbb recipe. it looks great. gonna make it tommorrow.i live in australia and dont hv access to pearl onions or shallots. can i use normal onions instead?

Gomathy S said...

I make the channa masala for puris & was searching for the Kolambu to make with rice..found yours through google..I tried yours and it came out very well.. :)

Kani said...

Am new begineer in cooking...I tried this kadalai kulambu.. excellent taste.. thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Dear Madam,
My wife is a new begineer in cooking. she prepared Poha( Aval Uppuma)today morning. Unable to taste this food. I want her to learn tamil recipes in english language in one week or two weeks. Tell me how.. Kindly advice

Anita said...

very nice dish.

Anita said...

very nice dish.I'll try.