Wednesday, September 20

Five things to eat before you die!

I have been tagged again and this time it was Asha’s turn to tag me.Thanks Asha. This is the Five things you've eaten and think that everyone should eat at least once before they die meme started by Traveller’s lunch box.
Though I have a long list of favourites , I will just give 5 of them and here’s it…

Shree Mithai’s Boondhi ladoo- Shree Mithai is a famous mithai shop in Chennai. Their sweets are so divine and I just love most of them (kaju rolls and moti pak are my other favourites). Whenever anyone of u gets a chance to visit Chennai do visit this shop..

My Mom's chicken curry-- This is one of my favourite from my mom's cooking. It is a very simple recipe but a very tasty one. I will post this sometime later and Iam waiting to taste this again next month when I visit my mom.

Sugarcane juice and grilled corn in marina beach- Iam basically from chennai and we used to go to marina beach frequently. I just love the sugarcane juice and i never forget to have it whenever i go to the beach. U can see many corn vendors roasting the corn- on- the cob, in the beach. walking along the shore with a corn in ur hand is sure a pleasant experience.

Chicken lettuce wraps- P.F. Chang's China Bistro is a wonderfully casual restaurant with great food and excellent service. The Chang's Chicken in Soothing Lettuce Wraps (quickly cooked spiced chicken with cool lettuce cups) is a signature dish, which is served with a very tasty sauce. This lettuce wraps are so tasty that I feel like having it whenever we pass that way.

Cheese cakes- These cheese cakes are yummmmmmy and beyond delicious. I had tasted this cheese cake after coming to NJ and had become an instant fan of this.

I wish to tag Sudha of My Samayal and Karthi kannan of Kitchenmate..


Syam said...

I also like 3&4, haa haa naan thaan firstu :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice reading your Meme, now, that you have reminded, would love to have a glass of sugarcane juice..:)

Prema Sundar said...

Thanks Syam and lera for ur lovely comments.

KK said...

Oh you love Shree Mithai?? I too love their sweets my most favourite is chocolate burfi, mango burfi, kesr peda, boondhi ladoo hmmmm yummy...basically any sweet from there....Actually except lettuce wrap everything is my favourite too.. You got an awesome blog. Will be useful for me :) Keep it going.

Anonymous said...

Hi. ...yummy ...i love the marina beach corn .....but i love those roasted corn and the sliced mango ..When I get a chance .. I try to get that in marina beach ..! Oh I miss Chennai sooo much!!!

Rashmi said...

I have tagged you.Fill in when you find time.


Merina beach rosted corn is very nice

FH said...

I want that cheese cake too! Yummy!! Good to know your likings!!

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