Sunday, September 10

Meme...About Me and Me and Me only

I was Tagged By Sudha of My samayal..Thanks Sudha.

I am thinking about : My trip to India next month

I said : "Not so close to tv"...I say this more often to my little daughter

I want to : Do things my own way , caring less of what others think of me

I wish : I could Go back to the college days. It was so much fun, carefree days without any worries or big responsibilities.

I regret : I regret shouting at my daughter when I am angry.

I hear : 'Pinky dinky doo', a programme in 'Noggin' , my daughters favourite tv channel.

I am : I do believe Iam a good wife and mother.

I dance : Not very good

I sing : Sometimes in bath and sometimes when I drive

I cry : I cry when Iam alone..on my pillows.

I am not : A person who goes early to bed or gets up early in the morning..(got to change this..)

I am with my hands: I have painted and did some hand works before but out of touch
now. At present only browsing, cooking , cleaning up etc...

I write : My things to do list, shopping list and my blog

I confuse : I get confused sometimes when taking a tough decision

I need : I need people around me... I dont like to be alone

I tag: I tag Revathi of En Ulagam , Asha of Foodie's Hope and Lera of Myriad Tastes


Revathi said...

Hey Prema thanks for tagging me !!!

Foodie's Hope said...

One more tagging thing to do on Sunday!! Ahh....!Just kidding :D
Thank you Prema , I'll see what I can come up with ...

Archana said...

What a nice "thought" you are having !!! Now we know you better,it was interesting to read.

Foodie's Hope said...

Prema, I put up 2 photos of mine so you all can put a face to my name now! I will take them out after some time!!
I read your Me Me too!! :)

Lera said...

Prema,Nice to read your Meme, Thanks for tagging Me, I shall work on the Meme soon..