Sunday, August 13

About My Cook Book

Welcome to my site. I love to cook, I love to try new recipes and I love to eat different varieties of foods. I had no idea about these amazing food blogs until a couple of months before I came across ‘mahanandi’s blogspot when I was googling for a ‘capsicum curry’ recipe. This was my first visit to a food blog and it was incredible. I was very impressed by her website. Then for a whole week I was sitting in front of the computer and visiting the food blogs whenever I had time. I found it so interesting to see all your works and wanted to try one by myself. But I was not sure whether I can do it. The credit goes to my husband Sundar who encouraged me to get into blogging. So this was how I created my own blogspot.
I have been cooking after marriage( 6 years ) ,and learnt a lot from my mom, my aunt, my mother-in-law, friends, from the net , from you bloggers, of course with a personal touch of mine. I am a simple cook and I usually note down the recipes which I like in a diary- my cook book.
So I am presenting before you the recipes in my cooking. These are simple Indian recipes which I cook in my home everyday and I hope you all will try it too.
Thanks for stopping by and do visit often.
If you try out my recipes please leave a comment and I would appreciate it.


scmr1967 said...

-Well done, Prema; Good work

Prema Sundar said...
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Nandita said...

All the best with your blog Prema!

Neo said...

Good work and keep it up.

but jus tell me how can you have those many drop downs in ur template. I also want to have that kind in my blog



Bhuvana said...

All the best you realy have a lot of patience Nice